Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming! Last October, I was brought by a dear friend of mine to a costume shop near Cambridge. Usually on Halloween, a group of friends go to a costume party and have fun together. If you are staying on campus, I have discovered some spooky festivities: 
Saturday, October 15th 6pm to 8pm
NorWITCH Haunted House!
Saturday, October 15 2016, 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm
BYOB: Bring Your Own Bear to Movie Night
Sunday, October 16th, 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Courtyard Carnival
Thursday, Occtober 20th, 8:30pm to 9:30pm
Pumpkin Carving Party
There are two Halloween movies (or Cartoon movies) I really want to share with all of you. I think both are great movies to watch with your friends or your family!

Now get into the Halloween spirit and sign up on GetInolvedHU!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bear's Bio

Hi Everyone! I am Bear! I am a passionate, optimistic person studying marketing at Hofstra University. I previously got my bachelor’s degree in international business. I work with Maggie on Hofstra’s Weibo and have some work experiences in social media and marketing research. My strengths are organizing, communicating and leadership.

As a marketer, I learned how to deal with data and organize it well from my working experience. For what I am doing now, I keep learning how to manage my time better and get knowledge of the world of public relations. I gained a better understanding of what’s behind social media and that’s so cool. I love being a social media person, and I love being part of Hofstra that makes me so proud!

My favorite restaurant on Long Island is Jane Café, which is Korean food. The owner is a really nice lady, and my recommendation is the seafood tofu soup, it’s so good! Also, my favorite place on Long Island is Jones Beach. I enjoy walking on the boardwalk near the sea and feeling so cozy and relaxed.

Maggie's Bio

Hi! My name is Li Pan. I’m a graduate student studying accounting at Hofstra University, as well as a Chinese Social Media Assistant in the Office of University Relations. I write a lot of blogs on Sina Weibo about my travels and own personal experiences in college, but I also help to tell the stories of other Chinese students who attend Hofstra. In addition to the blog, I also volunteered for the first presidential debate that was held here at Hofstra on September 26. During the day, I went around Broadcast Plaza and Issues Alley and took photos and videos of the student experience. I was also fortunate enough to be interviewed by China News Services after the debate.

I have a lot of interests: cooking, traveling, movies, music, learning new things… and I’m a big fan of being organized. Pop music by Adele and Lana Del Rey are my favorites these years. Except for the fact that I ask myself to listen to music produced by instruments like piano and cello, I listen to jazz and world music sometimes too. Oh, and I like making friends, as well. Upon graduation, I hope to find a position in an accounting advisory firm where I will be happy to utilize the skills acquired and the knowledge learned here at Hofstra. I bought a car recently, and I’m very excited to learn more about my new neighborhood on Long Island.

Some people describe me as “capable” and “intelligent.” One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas A. Edison: "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

Monday, October 3, 2016

Food in China versus food in the United States

While the food in the Student Center here at Hofstra is great (the reason why I purchased meal plans for the whole year in my first year at Hofstra), it's interesting to compare food in China to food in the U.S.  学生中心琳琅满目的饮食选择是我上学期坚持购买就餐方案的原因,比较中美两国的饮食习惯也是很有趣的。

I found it really easy to compare the food because people in China and people in the U.S. eat very differently. First of all, chopsticks are used in China while knives and forks are used in the United States on dinner tables. During festivals, people in China eat… 我觉得比较中美两国的饮食很简单,因为我们吃的习惯不太一样。首先,中国人用筷子,美国人用刀叉。节日的时候,中国人吃……

 Shanghai hairy crabs during Mid-Autumn Festival
 Dumplings during New Year
 Yuan Xiao during Lantern Festival

When looking at U.S. festivals (or holidays), pumpkin dishes are common during Thanksgiving season.
Pumpkin pie

 On a Thanksgiving dinner table, a big roasted turkey is a way to celebrate family gathering. As a huge foodie, I like to go to restaurants as much as I like to cook at home. In about two months, Thanksgiving is going to be here so I will watch out for Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Thanksgiving is only one of the many holidays celebrated here in the U.S. Although the food can be different, it's all delicious to me! I love trying new things, and I hope you do the same! 在感恩节的餐桌上,一只烤熟的火鸡用来庆祝家庭的团聚。作为一个彻底的吃货,我喜欢在家里做饭和去餐厅的程度是一样的。俩个月后,感恩节就到了,我会注意星巴克有没有南瓜口味的拿铁。感恩节只是美国众多节日里的一个。虽然俩国饮食很不同,

Travled back with pictures and memories

Hello blog readers! Now when everyone is busy with the beginning of this semester, studying and recuperating from the presidential debate, I’m still reminiscing on the time when my parents visited me in the United States AND my trip to South America. Below are some photos from my trip. Enjoy!
 baby alpaca being fed by a local
 Colca Canyon altitude is as high as 4225 km
 Condor flying in distance in Colca Canyon
 Flamingos in one of the lagoons
 Me watching a volcano in Uyuni, Bolivia
Rocks in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Olympics in Rio

The Summer Olympics were a lot of fun to watch this year. The Games are held every four years, and there are a variety of sports featured. This year’s Summer Olympics were hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The opening ceremony was on August 5th, and the Games ended on August 21.

On 12th, I watched the Men’s 100-Meter Butterfly Swim final on television. When it comes to sports, I only know a few professional athletes, and Michael Phelps is one of them. Sadly he didn’t win a gold medal in this round for the United States, while a young Joseph Schooling from Singapore took the win.

The Olympics really bring people together. Everyone shares in the joy of cheering for the human spirit, pushing limits and overcoming obstacles. I highly recommend following the Summer Olympics, if you aren’t already. Watch clips on YouTube if you missed a few games, and don’t forget to share with us who your favorite athletes and events to watch are!

今年夏天的奥运会相当好看。奥运会每四年一次,而且通常有很多种不同型的比。今年的夏季奥运会在巴西里约热卢举办,开幕仪式已经在八月五号举行,全部比赛在二十一号已经结束。作为一个业余运动爱好者,我在电视上观看了男子一百米蝶泳。运动方面,我只知道一些专业运动员的名字,Michael Phelps就是其中一个。可惜的是,他没有在一百米的比赛中获得金牌。一个年轻的新加坡的选手:Joseph Schooling赢得了比赛。奥林匹克让人们聚集到一起,每个人都为挑战自我、克服困难等等一些体育精神而欢呼。如果你有喜欢的比赛,还没有一览运动员风采,打开Youtube上的视频!不要忘记告诉我们你最喜爱的运动员或者赛事是什么!


Dr. Christina Lacey Receives Grant from NASA

Dr. Christina Lacey, associate professor of physics and astronomy, is co-investigator on a $60,000 grant from NASA for a proposal, “What Makes Radio-detected and Optically-detected Supernova Remnants in NGC6946 Different?” Dr. Lacey’s successful grant allocates her observer time with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Dr. Lacey has been on the Hofstra faculty since 2008. One of her research interests is focused on supernova remnants in nearby galaxies. She is on sabbatical this fall but will be on campus working with students on radio astronomy research.

Christina Lacey博士 ,物理和天文副教授,正在协助调查一项获得NASA(美国航空航天局)60,000美元补助金的提议:“是什么让无线电检测到的和光学检测到的NGC6946超新星残核不同?”Lancey博士的成功假定让她能够使用哈勃空间望远镜进行观察。

Lacey博士从2008年开始在霍夫斯特拉任职 。她的研究兴趣之一是近距银河的超新星残核。这个秋天她在学术休假中,但是她将会在学校里和学生们共同进行无线电天文学方面的研究。

To read the article on our website, please click: Dr. Christina Lacey Receives Grant from NASA