Friday, May 26, 2017


随着2017年春季课程的结束,许多同学们也迎来了霍夫留学生活的结尾——毕业。他们在Hofstra追逐着自己的梦想,带着Hofstra 的智慧与自豪走上了毕业的礼台,走向了新的人生篇章。
A lot of students graduated this spring. Congratulations to all! These students chased their
dreams at Hofstra and graduated with wisdom and pride.

Now, if you graduated this May, share and post your favorite memories from that beautiful day, and check out everyone else's on our #HofGrad17 page.



Monday, May 15, 2017

Stress Buster活动---帮你期末解压~

上周一Office of Student Leadership and Engagement在学生中心举办了狗狗减压活动,帮助学生们度过期末考试周。这些可爱无私的狗狗们帮助承受巨大考试压力的同学们重新振作了起来。

Last week, the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement organized a successful Dogs Therapy event which helped students to de-stress. These adorable puppies are so selfless and brought a lot of joy to our students.

本次的狗狗减压活动是Hofstra考试周减压系列活动Stress Busters的其中一环,帮助同学们在期末考试期间保持积极但轻松的心态。这次系列活动涵盖了从艺术,美食,游戏到冥想课程等方方面面,两周40多种减压项目总有一款适合你!
Dogs Therapy is one of the Stress Busters at Hofstra - a variety of stress-reducing events and activities to keep students sharp and relaxed during finals. The series of events has students covered with everything from arts and crafts to snacks, games and meditation tips. With 40 activities over the course of two weeks, there’s something for everyone.
A full list of Stress Busters can be seen below:


Hope everyone has a happy and relaxed Finals Week~