Tuesday, July 25, 2017

International Tour Hits Home(国际辅导员的美国大学访问旅行)

High school counselors from all over the world recently came to Hofstra as part of the eighth annual Metro New York International Counselor Tour.
“It’s our hope that the visiting counselors will leave with a sense of “Hofstra Pride” and know that their students are welcome here,” said Dean of International Recruitment Steven Richman.
国际招聘主任史蒂文·里士曼(Dean of International Recruitment)表示“我们希望这些来访的辅导员以“Hofstra Pride”的感觉离开,并且知道他们的学生在这里受到欢迎。
Counselors arrived in New York on Sunday, June 25 with an opening reception at Fordham School of Law. Each day was spent visiting two universities in the Metro New York area. The counselors arrived at Hofstra on Monday, June 26 for an afternoon filled with campus tours and a student panel led by some of Hofstra’s Pride Guides.
辅导员们在625日周日抵达纽约,并在福特汉姆法学院参加了开幕仪式。每天他们都会访问两所大纽约地区的大学。辅导员们在626日周一抵达了霍夫斯特拉大学,他们在下午的时间参与了校园游览,以及一个由“Hofstra Pride”游览员组织的学生座谈。
“This is an amazing experience. It helps you to better identify if a school is a right fit for a student, and it allows you to see some things a website can’t show you,” said Nikolaos Tsachtanis, a college counselor at Pinewood American International School of Thessaloniki in Greece.
“这是一个很棒的经历。它帮助我们更好的确认一个学校是否适合我们的学生,它让我们看到很多网站上看不到的体验。” 希腊塞萨罗尼基美洲国际学校辅导员Nikolaos Tsachtanis说道。
Hofstra has been involved with this program since its inception back in 2010.
“It’s been a very fruitful participation,” said Hofstra Admission Counselor Jane LaRocco. “I’m always in awe that these are 22 perfect strangers but by the time we do a closing reception, they’re a solid network of advocates for participating universities.”
霍夫斯特拉招生顾问简·拉罗科(Jane LaRocco)说:“它是一次非常有成效的参与式活动,这22个完全陌生的朋友,在我们的座谈后会是坚定的大学教育倡导者。”

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